Kip Moore was here in May for our most recent Secret Star Acoustic Jam.  He's back in Albany tonight and since then, he's traveled the world, opened up about personal issues, and released an amazing new album.

We had a chance to interview Kip recently and the guy didn't disappoint. Find out what he refuses to be 'politically correct' about and listen as he gets slightly annoyed when an 'American Idol' question goes awry.

At the time of our last Secret Star Acoustic Jam, Chrissy and I had been here at WGNA for about 6 weeks and admittedly, we weren't really sure what Moore's vibe was all about, we just knew we liked him. There's always a story behind the story and Kip Moore isn't afraid to tell it. He's overcome personal tragedy, depression, career ups and downs but the guy is a true musician in every sense of the word.  Whether he's playing an acoustic set in a Nashville bar or in front of 20,000 people at Taste of Country, Moore just keeps it real.  Can't wait for tonight!

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