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Kids Song for Schaghticoke
Chalk up another fun and rewarding experience - this time working with students in Mrs. Bushey's class at Shaker Road Elementary School in Colonie.  Some extremely talented jingle writers were on hand, so I put them to work immediately to write a Countryfest song!
In The Same Boat
It seems like Joe Diffie is popping up all over the place again. First we signed him to the Countryfest 2013 line up, then Jason Aldean taught us how to Diffie with "1994" and Joe signed on to tour with Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tippon and now the three have a new song together.
Joe Diffie
This has been a mission of mine for weeks now.  I could have sworn that Joe Diffie, one of the artists coming to Countryfest 2013, came to our Sean and Richie Golf tournament. I could picture in my head  a photo that we took together with him.  Well, I finally found it!
Countryfest Posters
Whenever the new Countryfest poster is printed every year, it really brings the excitement up to a whole new level.  It's one thing for us to announce the artists, but when you see them in print with the photos - you always end up saying to yourself "Wow -this year is going t…
1994 Line Dance
Joe Diffie is enjoying quite a year! The consistent '90s blockbuster influenced many of today's stars who grew up on his catalog of hits. Jason Aldean is one of those young men who was extremely gracious to sing this tribute, co-written by Thomas Rhett, titled '1994.'
PBR at Countryfest
When Countryfest 2013 arrives on July 13th at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds not only will it be the largest music lineup ever for our 20th Anniversary show but we will also be sporting the largest beverage lineup ever for you too.
Countryfest Artist in '1994'
'90s Country Star Joe Diffie is enjoying a comeback thanks to Jason Aldean's smash hit '1994.' The song takes the listener in an audio time machine back to the line-dancing, cowboy hat wearing, Garthmania days of the mid-90s.

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