Ladies, Would You Use The GoGirl? [PHOTO]
My friend and I tend to give each other one silly present every year for Christmas and one year, she gave me the GoGirl. My Mother thought it was a good thing to keep in my car (just in case) and though I've never used it, if the time came I think I would.
That Time When Macey Made a Move on My Man [Watch]
Have you seen Macey on "Ellen?" She's the cute little girl who knows all of that amazing presidential history.
Ellen has her on a lot and knows how much Macey loves country music, so she sent her to the Country Stampede festival where she met my man, Dierks Bentley...
Ellen Makes Out with Rob Lowe [Watch]
ELLEN DEGENERES kissed ROB LOWE on her show yesterday.  He was demonstrating how Jewel was disgusted by the idea of kissing him on a failed TV drama called "The Lyon's Den" back in 2003.
Rob asked Ellen to help him reenact the kiss, and it&apo…
Record-Breaking Pic
Ellen made Twitter history when she shared this star-filled Oscar photo - now we're trying to make 'GNA history!
Let's see if we can get 1077 shares!  Ready, set, go!

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