The idea for what became the first diner was born in Rhode Island in the late 1800's when Walter Scott began selling food from a horse-drawn carriage. By the 1920's diners evolved into buildings and started popping up all across the United States.

According to Love Food, the Empire State has 2 diners that are better than the rest. Ellen's Stardust Diner in Manhattan is one. Which is the best Upstate New York diner? First hint, it's located in Columbia County.

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Love Food recently named the Best Diners In Each State 2024 edition. You could guess that a Manhattan diner would make the list but to single out a diner in the Hudson Valley is very impressive.

Dan's Diner, located at 1005 State Route 203 in Chatham, NY, has been named the best diner in Upstate New York. The building itself was originally located in Connecticut but was moved to Chatham in the 1990's.

Probably the best Diner experience we've had in many years. Good honest food at decent prices, friendly owners in a genuinely wonderful historic setting. The breakfast was prepared in front of our eyes with the bonus of checking out other orders (ideas for next time). Anyway, really impressed by the food. Looking forward to our next visit. - tootrocker on Trip Advisor

Here are some of the best diners in neighboring states:

Upstate Legends! Roscoe Diner; "New York's Busiest Diner"

For the last 60 or so years, travelers from the greater part of Upstate New York, Central New York, Western New York and all other points, would travel to New York City either by the New York State Thruway or down NYS Rt. 17. For the thousands who made the trek back and forth on Rt. 17, the site of the world famous Roscoe Diner was a welcome and comforting one. Today, we put this iconic diner in our Upstate Legends category. At one point they were serving a million customers a year. Many of these were Upstate New York college kids and their famines who were bouncing back and forth between Upstate and New York City. It is without a doubt one of the most beloved diners in New York. Read the story and enjoy the photos in this latest Upstate Legends gallery on this page.

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