Must Watch Video: Crazy Talented Chick on Ellen
I saw this video online yesterday and it blew my mind!  It's Christina Bianco - she does impressions of female singers - tons of them, and all during the same song!  Crazy!
It's rare to find a good singer at all these days, even rarer to find a good impressionist, and this gi…
Bethany’s Celebrity Spotlight – September 19, 2013
In case you missed it, here’s my Celebrity Spotlight.  It’s a new daily feature on the Sean and Richie show.  I’ll give you some of the most important headlines in the media world all in under 2 minutes!
Today we talked about a no-budget horro…
Drinking Games
What happens when you put country star Kenny Chesney and comedian Ellen DeGeneres together? You get lots of laughter and a whole lot of fun, plus a lot of drinking.
6 Year Old on ‘America’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]
Last night I was flicking through the channels and landed upon, "America's Got Talent."  I don't typically watch this show -- not gonna lie.  However, for whatever reason, I decided to catch a few minutes of it and I'm glad I did.

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