The talk show host will be partnering with BuzzFeed senior editor Matt Stopera on a biopic.

According to the Times Union, the 2 will work together on a movie about Matt's friendship with a man who bought his stolen phone.  The film will be called 'Brother Orange,' based on the fact the man was taking selfies in front of orange trees. DeGeneres and Stopera will both be executive producers on the project.

You can read Matt's BuzzFeed story here. It chronicles the journey of finding selfies in his photo stream of the man who had his stolen phone, posting the story online and having it go viral trying to connect the 2, to him eventually connecting with the man and taking a trip to China to meet him.

A pretty amazing story how photos showing up from a phone, months after it was stolen, led to these guys connecting half away across the plant. It should make for an interesting movie!



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