On a cold day in December, an innocent cat lay dead in backyard of John Gerhlein's Albany home, it's head nearly decapitated.  Almost 8 months later, Gehrlein sat in a courtroom waiting his sentence.  Judge Breslin's claws came out and handed down the max sentence of 2 years for the gruesome act.  Yet many people feel it's too lenient.

According to News 10 ABC , Gerhlein was convicted by a jury of felony aggravated animal cruelty under Buster’s Law back in June.   He admitted to the crime, but they were unable to determine a motive.  What motive would anyone have to commit such a cowardly and grizzly act against a harmless animal?   And if this person is capable of taking the head off of a cat, what else is capable of? I'm not sure anyone has the answer to that, but clearly these are the kinds of things that factored into Judge Breslin's decision.

The claws came out, but some will say he only received a little scratch.


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