Crossgates Mall is always busy with news of stores opening, and sometimes we get the unfortunate news of one of their retailers closing.

According to a Times Union report, at the end of May Best Buy Mobile will be closing their remaining standalone mobile stores. About 250 stores will be closing, including the location at Crossgates Mall.

The Times Union cites a Wall Street Journal report where Best Buy attributes the closings of their mobile stores to the ever evolving world of how consumers buy products, as well of the cost of having physical locations. I am sure just like every other segment of retail, more and more customers are ordering their phones and service online. I will say this though: I just bought a new iPhone, and I needed to hold and use the actual phone before making my purchase. A new phone feels like one of those things you need to check out in person at some point so you know how it will feel in real life situations.

Now if you are worried about the regular Best Buy store's status, it's good news here - the Best Buy Mobile closing will not affect the full blown Best Buy at the Mall. They are open for business!


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