I saw this on an Albany thread of Reddit.com and was incredibly intrigued and quite frankly, couldn't stop watching.  It's 13 and 1/2 minutes of everything we loved about television from the 1980's.  Local news, big hair, clunky sets, cheesy commercials and Liz Bishop.  Pure VHS heaven!  Enjoy 

Every once in a while, some great vintage stuff surfaces on the interwebs.  This isn't quite as awesome as the original Crossgates Mall promo from the early 80's, but it's pretty close.  Thank you to the individual responsible for dusting off the old VHS so that we could relive the golden age of local news.  Enjoy hall of fame broadcaster's Ernie Tetrault, Liz Bishop, and Dan Dinocola.  Weather from John Cessarich and a fantastic commercial for Green's Appliances featuring an RCA 26" TV (with remote) for just 429.99!  Stick around for Budd Mishkin's sports report featuring a story that involves a local scandal  and a Russian Hockey team.  Nothings screams 80's like the Cold War baby!



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