Step right up! Step right up, herrrreeee! It's time to show 'em what ya got!

Okay, really you probably just need to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd! 

Actually, the show has given a brief description of what they're searching for this season: "a diverse group of men and women who represent a broad cross section of American society."

The CBS affiliate in Rochester is going to have open auditions for the show on Thursday, August 10th from Noon-5pm at Auction Direct USA (6520 State Route 96.) But, to make things easier for yourself, it's good to know that registration starts at 11:30am and you can pre-register online here. The auditions are partially sponsored by Lugia's Ice Cream.

So what happens if you're chosen? Well, you're a step closer to winning $1-million dollars. But, the next step, saying you're a Semi-Finalist is to head to Los Angeles for the final interviews with producers of the show.

I think it's time to start planning...don't you???

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