Hey look – you  made it to Tuesday this week!  Nicely done.  I didn’t want to read all that much today, so I found a couple of articles that were actually videos.  I hope you have a private office and can listen while you watch – if not, grab a pair of headphones because you don’t want to miss these videos.


Do you know Sophia Grace and Rosie?  They’ve been showing up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a while now – cute little British girls who are destined to become super stars.  On Monday, the girls performed Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and personally, I like it more than the original!  The full article is available on TasteofCountry.com



Hunter Hayes has been writing songs in preparation for recording his new album but even though he has 50 to 60 songs, he says he might write 100 more before he makes a list and decides which songs make the album.  He also says he’s not rushing into making an album just to stick to a certain time frame and wants to be sure he is ready before he gets started.  One thing we know for sure – we can see Hunter Hayes at the Taste of Country Fest on Hunter Mountain in June!


The topic of gun control is a national conversation with all of the recent shootings happening in malls, movie theaters and schools.  If you are ever in a situation with an active shooter – don’t assume you are defenseless.  A video created by the Homeland Security Department and shared on TSMInteractive.com  tells you to Run – Hide – Fight – and survive an active shooter situation.   Hopefully you will never find yourself in this situation, but just like you used to practice fire drills in schools and on school buses – having a plan in case it happens is a good way to react quickly to the situation.


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