First the winners:

The Green Bay Packers win their 4thSuper Bowl by taking down the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 – 25.

Aaron Rogers wins the MVP and firmly removes himself from Brett Farve’s shadow.

ME! Not only did I win cash at Vapor, I also got to see the "Captain America" Commercial.

E-Trade! The babies bring it! The baby and his tailor was GOLD!!!

House I loved the parody of the "Coke Mean Joe Green"spot from back in the day.

Champion of the commercials was clearly Volkswagon! The little kid dressed as Darth Vader trying to use “The Force” and finally “remote starting the car”. Hands down the cutest moment all day and if I was going to buy a product solely based on an ad that would do it.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and I say they lost only from a score perspective. Truth be told I am very impressed by the Steelers3 Super Bowls in 6 years, carrying themselves with class and almost pulling off the biggest come back in Super Bowl History.

Francis Scott Key! Christina Aguilera attacked, assaulted and abused the Star Spangled Banner. I like that crazy little chick and realize that the pressure she was under was huge but COME ON!!!

The camera man that Rashard Mendenhall ran over like a Mack truck! That dude is HURTING Today!

Groupon. The spot was way more offensive then good.

Bill O’Reilly! I already hate this guy but when you disrespect the President (whether you voted for him or not) to his face on national television I have no respect for you.