Friday is here. I am so happy not only that the week is over, but also that I feel like I put together a pretty good monologue to open the show with today. I guess I will have to let you be the judge though. Let's see what we talked about today.

  • Exciting stuff, "Super 8" comes out today.


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  • Kim Kardasian wants to have a baby by next year, we tell you why.
  • Geoge Clooney's girlfriend says she would like to get married.


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  • Katie Couric compares her new talk show to Oprah's.
  • Tenessee passed a new law about posting disturbing images on the interwebs.


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  • And sad news, Leonard Stern the creator of "Mad libs" passed away.

All this and so much more in today's morning monologue on the "Sean and Richie Show". Have a listen.