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Clooney Fashion Drama
People are in an uproar over Amal Clooney's choice of attire for the Golden Globe Awards! It wasn't her dress that offended some people, it was her gloves! They have even inspired their own Twitter handle @msclooneygloves What do you think about the gloves...
Is George Clooney Really Off the Market?
I honestly thought he'd never get married again!  But, I guess he hasn't yet, and as of right now, George Clooney's engagement to attorney Amal Alamuddin isn't even confirmed.
Reports are flying around the internet right now that Amal and George had dinner with friends over t…
Hank Williams Jr. Gravity Song
In one of the opening scenes of the George Clooney/Sandra Bullock Oscar Winning movie Gravity, the voice of Hank Williams, Jr. is heard loud and clear. What is the song blaring in the space suit?