I love to go to the New York State Museum in Albany, with my wife and my kids, even though the kids are grown up. Heck, I like going there by myself, but I’d rather have company.

I enjoy looking at all the exhibits and getting a history lesson on most, in a fun kind of way. After you're done inside, you can always walk around the plaza, outside if the weather is nice.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts awhile back, they closed on Sundays. That all may change very soon. According to a story in the Times Union, the bill is on Governor Cuomo’s desk, and he is still reviewing it. The governor must sign or veto it by Wednesday. What may happen is the museum would close one day during the week, and stay open both Saturday and Sunday.

This is such a great place to visit, especially on a weekend when the weather’s not that great, and gives you something to do, although it doesn’t matter what the weather is. One of my favorite exhibits is the New York City exhibit, especially the part about the subways. Do you have a favorite exhibit?