There are always lots of surprises at Comic Con and this year has been no exception. The latest surprise is the supposed leak of a trailer for Warner Brother's movie "Suicide Squad". The movie is not due out until August 2016 but of course to give people a little taste and get the gossip going on the film , Warner Brothers brought a teaser trailer to Comic Con, and sure enough boot leg copies were already getting circulated forcing Warner Brothers to go ahead and post it for everyone to see.

There are some that say oh it was all planned but I have to be honest, this truly feels like a "teaser" and much less of a "trailer" meaning to me, they were not expecting it to be released. Either way it is awesome to see a dark DC Comic movie made up of mostly villains being used for good. Heck is it even possible?

Clearly the main topics will be how does Will Smith fit into this ensemble, and what do we all think of Jared Leto's very quick appearance as The Joker? I will let you decide what you think.

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