If you've been waiting for a really great family-friendly movie to take the kids to, especially for Father's Day, this weekend is perfect! Also, Jackson breaks down the newly announced Joker movie that isn't starring who you think it is.

The biggest movie coming out this weekend is "Incredibles 2." Where we last left The Incredibles family, they had just saved their town but the town wasn't quite ready for superheros living among them. In the sequel, Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible) is back to fighting crime in hopes to change the public's opinion. That leaves Mr. Incredible home with the kids, Violet, Dash,  and Jack-Jack to fight the cybercriminal Screenslaver.

Jackson also touched on another movie coming out this weekend, "Tag." The movie stars Jeremy Renner, Isla Fisher, and Ed Helms about a group of friends who have an ongoing came of tag that takes over their everyday lives.

Also, if you didn't read into the news about the new Joker movie, you may have thought it was going to star Jared Leto. That movie will be coming out but this upcoming Joker prequel will be starring Joaquin Phoenix and Jackson explains why the DC Universe is doing this.

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