*checks calendar* I think I know where I need to be toward the end of the month. Where else can you share in your love for Harry Potter if it isn't a whole weekend dedicated to the magical world of "Boy Who Lived?"

Coming up the weekend of October 26th is the Wizarding Weekend in Ithaca to celebrate all things Harry Potter. You may have heard of this festival before when it got in trouble last year with Warner Bros. (the company the owns the rights to Harry Potter), for putting the Potter name on something they don't specifically endorse.

Now, instead of just encompassing Harry Potter, it supports all kinds of magic and fantasy. Magical Passports to all of the events are just $25 and for an added $25, you can have access to the official after party.

They have made it very clear that this is not a "Harry Potter Festival" since, it's not allowed to be, but with this being their 5th year, I find it hard to believe that may people won't continue to come thinking we're celebrating the world of JK Rowling. Either way, Harry Potter or not, enjoy the magic, the community, and if you're free that weekend, Ithaca isn't too far away!

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