On Saturday night, August 13, tragedy struck Country Music fans at the Indiana State Fair. Just as Sugarland was about to go on stage, Mother Nature ripped through the fairgrounds.  The strong winds brought down the stage's roof, structure, lights and speakers.  Sadly, not everyone had a chance to get to safety.  Five people perished, 40 were hospitalized, with several in critical condition, and thousands traumatized by the horrific scenes.

Sugarland has released an official statement about the incident on their webiste.

Kristian Bush: "I thank God for every fan and emergency responder, for everyone who ran to the trouble instead of away from it."

Jennifer Nettles:  "The courage of those men and women will forever be with me. There are no words to process a moment of this magnitude and gravity. There are only prayers for peace in the hearts of the bereft, and prayers of thanksgiving for those who were spared or safe. A piece of our heart is left in that grandstand. May God provide peace and healing to the people of Indianapolis."

Sugarland's tour manager is being credited for saving the band's life.  At the time of the collapse, they could have been on the stage, preparing to start.  However, she recommended that the band wait a little bit longer.  A minute later, the stage collapsed.