It should be interesting to see if this new ice cream flavor dominates the checkout counter the way the horse it's named after dominates the race track.  While I've yet to wager even a single dollar on the race horse Tiz the Law, I'll be more than happy to slap a few bucks down on the new delicious sounding flavor of Tiz the Law ice cream that Stewart's Shops named after the dazzling horse that won the Travers, the Belmont Stakes, and is set to race on Saturday in the Kentucky Derby.

The new Tiz the Law ice cream is now available and if it tastes anywhere near as good as the horse runs, it outta be pretty delicious.  Tiz the Law ice cream is described by the legendary ice cream, milk and groceries shop as a chocolate ice cream flavor loaded with pieces of baked brownie and cheesecake.

According to the Stewart's twitter account, they explained the flavors chosen because "the chocolate base resembles Tiz the Law’s coloring and his owner Jack Knowlton of Sackatoga Stable requested a chocolate flavor. You may remember the flavor, Funny Cide Pride from 17 years ago, it was a customer favorite."

Stewart's says it will be available now through October 4th.

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