TNT and TBS work very well together, maybe better then any other sister network duo. This year they have landed the help of Steven Spielberg, Steve Carrell and Jamiee Fox for their Fall Line ups.

Let's start with TNT:

"Portal House":  A drama executive produced by Steven Spielberg, about scientists who find a portal into the space-time continuum while investigating what they think is a haunted house.

"Peter Gunn":  A reworking of the classic "Peter Gunn" series, which is also produced by Spielberg.

"The Last Cop":  A drama executive produced by Sylvester Stallone about a police officer who wakes up after being in a coma for 20 years.

"Guilt By Association":  A drama based on the debut novel by Marcia Clark.  It's about a female D.A. who works with a, quote, "tough-as-nails" female detective.

"Burn":  A reality show about Detroit firefighters.  It's executive produced by "Rescue Me" star Denis Leary.

"Monopoly":  A reality game show where eight two-person teams play a game of, quote, "real-world 'Monopoly'."

And now for the sister TBS:

"Tribeca":  An intriguing comedy Steve Carell and his wife came up, which is a parody of "Law & Order:  SVU".  It's about the fictional LAPD group R.H.C.U., or the "Really Heinous Crimes Unit."

"Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me":  A comedy created by Jamie Foxx, which is based on his relationship with his 19-year-old daughter, Corinne.

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