I usually hate when I hear that something that I love from my childhood is being redone. There's a sense of protection of it, it was great where it was, leave it there, leave me with the memories. This reboot though, I may support and can't wait for it to happen.

If the names Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are familiar to you, then you, too, were lucky enough to enjoy The Animaniacs from 1993-1998. The concept of the show was that Yakko and Wakko were the "Warner Brothers," the namesake of the WB network the show aired on, and Dot was their younger Warner sister.

Apparently, The Animaniacs still resonates with one of the original developers, director/producer great Steven Spielberg because he wants to bring it back.

Last year the complete series began streaming and according to The AV Club, the original cast decided to tour. The show is still in early development but I hope the show lands a network. No word on any return of Pinky and the Brain or Tiny Toons (I hope they do).

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