News 10 ABC meteorologist Steve Caporizzo, as you know, has been doing the weather on WGNA for, well, forever, and every Thursday morning he joins us live for Pet Connection, so I took the opportunity today to ask him about the weather for Countryfest. There has been talk of rain and talk of sun, but as you know the show goes on regardless. It doesn't hurt to get an idea of what is possible, that way we can all make sure we are prepared.

With that said, don't forget to get your tickets today at or just hit the button to make sure you don't miss the fun!

OK, back to the forecast, which, by the way, has been getting better by the day. I know what you are thinking: "It's Countryfest, Sean, of course he is going to say the weather will be awesome." That is not the case. I told him to be real with me and give me the best forecast he can, even knowing that in upstate New York the weather can change on a dime at any time, for better or worse.

So here is the clip from the show this morning. Honestly, with a little luck I think we may escape the wet stuff altogether.