The New York Health and Education Departments have released their report on the presence of Lead in School Drinking Water.'

A Times Union article says the report revealed that 86 percent of water fountains and faucets in upstate NY schools are safe. The article says most Capital Region schools had very few faucets or fountains test high for lead. Guilderland High School was among the few schools with a 'high rates of contamination' with 204 water sources testing high for lead. So how does the state define high lead levels? The Times Union says:

'Under the law, any water outlet such as a sink or drinking fountain that is found to have more than 15 micrograms per liter of lead in its water supply must be taken out of service until it can be fixed or replaced.'

It is comforting to know that most of our schools are safe, and those that did have issues can rectify them with these test results. If you are wondering about the results from the schools in your town, you can see them here. 


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