You may have seen videos of these Honor Walks trending over the past couple of years. Now, I'm happy to say, we had our first one in Albany and it's one of the most beautiful and emotional moments you'll watch on the internet today.

St. Peter's Hospital in Albany shared on their Facebook on Saturday, one of their recent patients giving the ultimate gift for Christmas. 61-year-old Margaret Cahill of Albany was a patient at St. Peter's Hospital as well as an organ donor. When she lost her life, she was giving the #UltimateGift by giving life to other people who could use her organs. On Saturday, St. Peter's held their very first Honor Walk to honor what Margaret was doing for other patients.

The way it works, according to St. Peter's website, "During the walk, staff, family and friends, silently lined the pathway from the ICU to the OR to pay their respects. The simple act was a way for hospital staff to show the family that they are not alone, and to support the patient’s heroic last act in saving someone else’s life."

That walk with your loved one from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the Operating Room (OR) to be a donor is not an easy one. Margaret's family had the support from the great staff of St Peter's to get through this hard time. It was actually quite the appropriate send-off for Margaret who, her daughter said, "...she loved a parade. Tomorrow, she will be the Grand Marshall of her final parade.”


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