Hospitals seem like one of the safest places to be but one local hospital has decided to make their policies more strict and they could keep you out.

Although they have said that there have been no security concerns, Glens Falls Hospital is putting a new visitor management program in place to change the way you enter the hospital. According to the Post Star, all visitors will be required to show identification before entering the hospital through one of three entrances. All other entrances will be closed to visitors. You will receive a sticker which says exactly which floor you're visiting to be worn while inside the hospital. Those visiting in the Emergency Department will also have to show identification and only two people will be allowed with each patient.

This system will slowly be put in placed starting Wednesday at the Tower Entrance with security at the other entrances starting next month. They're still working out the kinks in which kinds of identification will be accepted but for now are working on a case-by-case basis.

Other hospitals in the area have not jumped on board with this trend. Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, Albany Medical Center Hospital and Saratoga Hospital do not require visitors to check in and show ID but St. Peter's Hospital allows one "designated support person."

Glens Falls Hospital is hoping this closed-door policy will just be another step in keeping the hospital safer and not allowing just anyone to walk through the doors.

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