Now in defense of men everywhere, proposals have gotten completely out of control!  From a stadium filled with 50,000 people, to a short film made about your relationship, to on stage at a Taylor Swift concert, to a flashmob of 250 people dressed like Big Bird!  If you don't do a massive, major-motion picture sized proposal these days, if it doesn't go viral, you're at risk that she might say no.

And, all that aside, why does it even still have to be the guys job?  But that's a debate for a whole different day!

Back to my original thought... You won't believe this!  The internet has struck again!

Now there is a proposal generator on the internet and you can have someone else think of a way to propose for you!  No, not even someone else, an algorithm.

Just put in her likes and dislikes and within a matter of seconds, you've got a plan!

Helpful?? Cute?? Irritating?  All of the above?  Yes.

What is happening to the world?!  What happened to a romantic candlelit dinner where he spills his heart out to you and then spills the wine because he's so nervous?!  Why does everything have to be a thing?!

Click here to generate your own proposal!

Patrik Osterberg-Pool, Getty Images
Patrik Osterberg-Pool, Getty Images

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