I had a chance to talk to Chris Lane about his recent engagement to Lauren Bushnell. He revealed not only why it stunk but the person who told him his idea wasn't a very good one!

Chris Lane was last in Saratoga two years ago to the day (give or take a day or two) when he came with Florida Georgia Line and Nelly in 2017. Since that concert, a lot has changed for Chris Lane. The biggest news in his life is his recent proposal to his (now) fiance Lauren Bushnell.

If you don't know the story, Chris Lane was filming at her father's house on Father's Day when he mentioned wanting to play a song he wrote and recorded for her, "Big Big Plans." In the official video, you see the moment Lauren realizes what's happening as he brings her out onto the lawn in front of her family, asking her to be his wife. Everything seemed to go according to plan, except it didn't. Chris mentioned to me the point that really stunk and the person who told him that his proposal idea wasn't a very good one (thank goodness he didn't listen) in the video below.

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