Is there a bigger sign that in this new digital-age the world has just become too busy and too cold? There are now places popping up around the country where you can pay someone $60 an hour just to cuddle.

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Now they say that these snuggle houses are not a front for some sort of prostitution, that it is really nothing more than some good, old fashioned snuggling. They have opened in New York and Colorado and there is one trying to open in Madison, WI, but officials there want to be sure it is not a cover for a brothel before it opens.

Apparently, one of the reasons they are suspicious is that all but one of the employees, or snugglers, are female. I guess I can see their point: isn't it the women in the world who want a good snuggling far more than the men? However I think men are far more likely to pay for something like that.

What do you think? Would you ever pay for a good snuggle? Would you want to work at a snuggle house? I mean, $60 just to snuggle!?