We should get more snow this weekend and that is good news for snowmobilers. But beware, there was someone setting traps on trails in the Capital Region. I have a lot of friends that snowmobile on trails in the Capital Region and they are all very safe about the sport. But now they have to worry about someone sabotaging the trails.

Snowmobile trails are cared for by clubs across the state. They will remove trees, branches and debris from the trails but now they have to look for booby-traps too. According to News10ABC, The Columbia County Sheriff's office arrested thirty-one year old Jason Higley for placing a pipe on a trail and stringing a wire connecting two trees one which he cut so that if a snowmobiler came through it would fall on top of them.

The booby trap was discovered before anyone got hurt. It was placed on a smaller trail used by locals not a marked trail. Higley said he set the traps because he was angry about the loud noises and snowmobile traffic coming from the trail.




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