After a mild & rainy break where most of the snow we got earlier this month has melted, we will get some fresh powder Tuesday.

The odds of having snow on Christmas are definitely going up as it looks like we will get a good little chunk of snow for the Tuesday morning commute. According to the Weather Channel, snow showers will develop after 12 a.m. Tuesday, with heavier snow falling Tuesday morning then tapering off later in the day and eventually tapering off Tuesday night.

So how much will we get? According to the National Weather Service map, depending on where you live in the Capital Region, we are looking at anywhere from 1 to 4 inches, with 2-4 expected in Albany.

It's hard to believe after getting 2 feet of snow across the Capital Region just two weeks ago we would need another small storm to help our chances of a white Christmas, but this one may do just that if the temperatures stay cold enough! Fingers crossed!

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