I always get a bit nervous when I hear people talking about the 'lack of snow' we've gotten here in the Capital Region.  Just when you think you dodged the ol' blizzard bullet, in walks Dan from accounting telling everyone how lucky we've been "cuz it ain't been snowing around here!"   As soon as you hear that, you know you're screwed.

With that being said *gasp* we have dodged some big snowfalls here in the area for the first half of the Winter, but that could change this week.  Not huge totals, but just enough to be annoying.

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This week, temperatures are going to be frigid - we know that - but according to the Weather Channel, snow is on the way beginning early on Tuesday afternoon and will taper off Wednesday morning.  Total accumulation for Albany is expected to be around 3"- 5".

Anyone from this area knows that in the blink of an eye, weather can change in a second, but the extended forecast looks like some more snow could be headed our way as well.

For the rest of the week after the snow we get Tuesday into Wednesday, according to The Weather Channel, it'll be very cold.   More snow could be coming our way on Sunday evening into Monday.

Just how much we'll get is anyone's guess at this time, as it's a bit too far out to accurately forecast.  But we'll keep you posted.


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