A nine year-old boy won himself a whole lot of money, a free trip and a life-time supply of products.  Okay, I lied -- he didn't get a life time supply.  Just a bunch of the company's products from the prize closet.  So what did this youngster do to win all this?  Well, I'll tell you.

Sterling Brinkerhoff of Benjamin, Utah, was one of eight kids from around the United States that were invited to the 36th Annual Odor Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest -- sounds appealing, doesn't it?  The judges said this year's contestants were even worse than last year.  The eight kids and their sneakers competed at the finals in Montpelier, Vermont.  Brinkerhoff claims he was able to pull off the win becasue his sneaks have been through a lot of irrigation ditches. 

I think most parents would agree hanging on to a smelly pair of sneakers wouldn't be worth anything, but those who are quick to throw out their child's favorite, smelly sneakers, might change their tune if their kid could win a trip to New York City, $2,500 cash, and plenty of Odor Eaters products.  Could possibly be worth the stench. 

Brinkerhoff's sneaks will also be entered in the Odor Eaters Hall of Fumes, so while the trip to the finals was a stinky one, the trip home to Utah will be much more bearable for his parent(s).

Here's more information on this year's contest just in case you want to get a pair in for next year OdorEaters.