I saw a survey that talked about fairly simple tasks that everyone should know how to do. Granted it was a UK survey, but it got me thinking of how many couples in the Capital Region know how to do these.

I have to admit, before I opened the survey, even before I knew it was from the UK, I thought I would nail it. Well, that totally is not the case. Plus when Jenn and I compared our lists, we were total opposites in what we knew.

Here is how she and I compared.

Change a light bulb - We both can.

Cook one full meal without a recipe - Jenn can, I totally can't (even with a recipe).

Read a map - We both can.

Sew on a button - Jenn can but I can not.

Remove a stain - We both can and have with a dog and a kid

Change a baby's diaper - We both can but she's more effecient

Check the oil level in a car - I can but Jenn can't.

Put up wallpaper - I have but she has not.

Change a flat tire - Neither one of us has.

How do you and your significant other compare on this list?


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