Winter finally got a kick start with last weekend's ice storm, and a good-sized snowfall could finally be coming our way as we head into next week.

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

When it comes to getting what we would consider a big storm in Albany this winter, seeing will be believing, right? We have either had near misses with storms grazing us here in the Capital Region, or we have ended up just getting a mish-mosh of precipitation like the ice storm we got a few days ago.

For those of us who love at least a few big storms to get the full winter experience and to enjoy winter sports, we still remain hopeful lots of flakes will be falling for the rest of the season. Could those prayers finally be answered as we head into the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend?

Weather Channel Forecast Watching 'Significant Snowmaker' For the Northeast

man with a snow blowing machine working in winter day
Credit: SergeyIT

The Weather Channel is currently watching a storm that will be moving across the great plains, heading to the south, and then to the Northeast. They are saying this storm could be a "...significant snowmaker for a good portion of the country." As the storm crawls across the nation it would eventually end in the Northeast Sunday into Monday, potentially bringing a nice chunk of snowfall to Upstate New York.

It's too early to talk snowfall totals at this point, but they are on the conservative side at about 5 inches as we see how this storm progresses and how "significant" it may become. Let keep our fingers crossed the kids (and for us big kids too!) that we get some good sledding weather for their day off from school on Monday!

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