It is 12:20PM on Monday.  I was just leaving the WGNA studios to go home for lunch, when I saw this headline in my email--"Celebrities Tweeting Tasteless Jokes About Japanese Earthquake".  I was so burning mad when I read this, I had to do a quick blog

 I'm sure this will be all over the news, so by the time you read this, it will be redundant but........OK.  I'll stop right there.  Here's my question.  Where does the line end between what is entertainment and what is tasteless..what is humor and what is a total lack of compassion?  Is it right to tweet the following joke (uttered by Gilbert Gottfried) as reported by

"I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, 'They'll be another one floating by any minute now.'"

Gilbert Gottfried

There's two schools of thought with humor, and I'm not trying to be the judge and jury of what's funny here.  But one school of thought says that with humor, there should be no boundaries.  Nothing is sacred or off-limits.  It should be up to the person to laff or not!

 There's another that says that we should consider at least some subjects sacred- i.e.  at least honor those right after they lose their lives(you wouldn't bear to hear anyone on 9/12/2000 go onstage and tell a 9/11 joke.  Maybe not even to this day would you hear one!!

Now I like warped humor once in awhile  as much as the next person.  But you can't tell me that what he said is in the least bit  funny when the "wound is so fresh" and the images are still bombarding us especially.  Isn't this career suicide?  Watch--his name will get all over the news and then he'll capitalize on it like everyone else and come out with a reality show and make millions.   Well, I just wanted to voice my objection.  Sorry Gil--NOT FUNNY!!!

  Would welcome your thoughts on this.  Maybe I'm just too uptight.   I'm going home now.

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