Internet scams are common, especially on Facebook. A website just has an absurd catchy headline in hopes that you click on it and sometimes what the headline says isn't true at all and my Mom fell for the most recent one going around.

Did you see the headline that all Dollar Trees are planning to close all of their stores on October 1st? Well, it's not true. If you click on the actual page, it brings you to a website that says "It was a bad joke and has been deleted! Prank your friends, create a Prank!"

Remember another one that said that Robert Downey Jr. was moving to the area? It's the same thing, these websites get you to click, get the views, sell ad space and your friends think you fell for a prank and were incredibly concerned about Dollar Tree.

While I saw online that similar-styled stores were closing various locations, your local Dollar Tree location is safe for now. Some stores did close after a merger a few years ago but if you see this page going around Facebook, no cause for alarm.

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