This story is real.  I'm wondering though.  Do you think they would allow this to be in public view? A dead guy on a motorcycle?  You have to see this clip and hear this story of a man who wanted to "go out in style".
82 year old Billy Standley loved his bike, and this was his wish - he wanted to be buried sitting on that beloved Harley that he's had since 1967.  So I guess his sons built a plexiglass casket that displays Bill and his bike and gave him his wish at a cemetery in Ohio.  Check out the video!

Very cool.  A little disturbing, but very cool.  R.I.P., Mr. Standley!

Ok, so the question goes out to you.  What would YOU like to be put to rest in or on?  I want to be seated at a Steinway grand piano.  Now if someone could just buy me the Steinway grand piano!


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