Many people in the Capital Region will say the Hudson River is flat out disgusting. Regardless of everything from before, there is now a lot of sewage polluting it.

In the last few weeks apparently there have been some sewage spills in the Hudson. Ohh how lovely. Yes, the Capital Region which already has enough problems with polluted water needs human excrement injected into the river that divides the entire area. According to the Times Unions post there is a Sewage Right To Know Law, this requires any municipalities sewer operator (what an enviable job) to report sewage spills in a very tight and timely manner. That wasn't done.

From June 23rd to July 2nd, 10 spills went unreported to the Department of Environmental Conservation in Albany. Can't ruin Independence Day huh? Those spills resulted in a disgusting four millions gallons of sewage to pour into the Hudson. This could bring a fine of $37,000 a day to the city until requirements are made. I am willing to bet someone is losing their job...

In all seriousness this is absolutely atrocious and I would say in the Albany and Troy area to just avoid any contact at all with the Hudson River. More info on particulars below in the link from the Times Union.


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