If giving up smoking for your health does not motivate you to quit, the financial ramifications just may be the nudge you need.

So how would you feel if you had $1.6 Million in your bank account when you retired. I'd bet you would feel really good about that, right? Well, if you are a smoker - that is the amount of money you could be losing! Yikes!

According to Wallethub, the 'financial opportunity cost' of smoking in the state of New York is $1,637,046!  That is the most expensive in the United States! So how did Wallethub come up with this number? It is based on the out of pocket cost of smoking in New York ($194,341) and income loss from smoking ($194,341), healthcare costs, and other factors. So if you never invest that money over your lifetime in a good retirement fund, you lose a lot of dough!

Per year it costs about $4,000 a year to smoke. If you started investing that four grand in your twenties, it would turn into a nice little nest egg for retirement.

So if the health side doesn't bother you, think of how much money you could be losing! Maybe that is the motivation you need to quit! :)

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