Maureen Hancock has won me over now for sure. You may remember when she first started coming on our show she helped my father talk to me and it was quite an emotional experience. That time however, I had asked her to go ahead and make that contact. today my Mom chose to stop waiting to be asked and just came through all on her own.

I have to be honest with you , I kind of knew before she even came on the air that my Mother was going to do this , in fact in my mind I kind of asked her to talk to me today if she could. Then, as Maureen struggled with our first caller with images just not matching up to the woman's family it became very clear to me that it was indeed my Mother who was trying to get my attention.

In retrospect I guess I should have known that it was going to happen when Maureen said that just before we took that first call she had a strong Mother figure already waiting to talk.

Now whether you believe or not is your thing, I have always wanted to believe but have also been very skeptical. I just don't see how I can be a skeptic anymore. Everything that Maureen said my Mom was saying was so very accurate and very much what I know my Mom would have tried to say.

So with that said here is Maureen and my Mom from this morning's show: