I love Countryfest, it's one of my favorite days of the year!

I was going over the last dozen plus Countryfest shows last night. So many stand out, but I remember this in particular. It was a year of firsts for me, and one particular LAST.

It was the first time I got to see Eric Church and Billy Currington. Both of those artists would go on to become a couple of my favorites.

It was also the first time my sons decided they wanted to brave the crowd and see the show. So I said sure!  Little did I realize, I would be in a dunking booth!  That water was COLD!

Sean McMaster

And as you can see in the photo, my own son Andy  was the first to "dunk" me!  Yes, my own son, who I allowed to spend the day with me, took a shot and put me under! He actually went on to dunk me quite a few more times.... I can't believe how young he is in this picture! As they grow up, I know they won't always want to spend the day with dad, so despite the cold water, it was worth it!

The show was great too, but as I am sure you all know too, Countryfest creates memories beyond the great music! But the music is awesome! Look at the crowd!

Sean McMaster

Thankfully, it was the LAST time we did the dunking booth!

Any other great Countryfest memories out there?