I am so excited just one sleep away from WGNA's Countryfest 2016. The build up over this last week has been so much fun and Bethany and I got to talk to every one of the performers on the show this week. If you missed them I know we are planning on replaying most of them tomorrow morning during our Saturday morning 6 am - 10 am shift. Just to get you even more excited and revved up about the show as you are getting ready to drive up.

One of my favorite interviews has always been Lee Brice, every time we talk to him he is warm and personable. We have a pretty laid back kind of "sit around and talk" style of interviewing and it seems to suit Lee's personality as well. I think if you asked people what they really liked about him other than his music  they would say something like , "He seems like a great guy to hang out with".

If you missed it have a listen to the last "hang out and talk" session we had with Lee Brice the other day , and we will see YOU at Countryfest!