Ryan Seacrest is literally taking over the planet and if you don't agree with that assessment, look at his history.  He's Dick Clark, Merv Griffin, Casey Kasem, and Regis Philbin all rolled into one.

What's next for Dickin Griffenclark?  Well, this obviously...

Looking at his body of work (which started as a radio dj back in the early 90's) Seacrest may actually the be the most successful multi media player the game has ever seen.  I'm not sure what the appeal is but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate his accomplishments. It's hard enough to balance one job, let alone 137 of them.  Hair, smile, and words always on point.  He may actually be a robot.

If tomorrow it were to be announced that he's the love child of aliens or creatures of a different life form, I don't think any of us would be surprised.

But which one of his 325 different media outlets would get the exclusive?

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