There is a contest that I think is right up my alley. But it's not for everyone. It's called a screen detox which means that you have to give up all screens for twenty-four hours. Not only does this mean cell phones but it's laptops, television, gaming, all computers, smartwatches, and even smart speakers.

Here's the thing, I am not dependant on my phone like someone else in my household. There is no way that my fiancee Jenn would ever be able to do this contest because of the cell phone restriction alone. I think my biggest hurdle would be watching TV. It would also have to be a day that I have off because my work depends on looking at computer screens all day long. Brian thinks that I wouldn't be able to do this. Maybe I won't apply to this contest, and challenge Brian instead.

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Those who are chosen to participate in the contest will be given a safe to put all of their electronics in for twenty-four hours. They will also get a $200 Amazon gift card to use before the contest starts to buy things like a typewriter, paints, a journal, and other old-school items to keep you occupied for the duration of the contest.

According to, if you want to apply for the contest, you have to give some personal information and one hundred words about why you think you are right for this challenge. You have until March 26th to apply and the winners will be announced on their YouTube page on March 29th. For more information and to apply click HERE.

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