We will do anything to keep our children as safe as possible. Now there is a school that is offering another layer of protection; bulletproof panels for student's backpacks.

 It makes me uneasy to think that this is the norm. Being a parent, I will do whatever it takes to ensure Ryan's safety. I know all parents feel the same. The Florida Christian School in Miami is now offering another layer to protect their students. On their school website, they list a variety of products including red school logo T-shirts and ballistic panels for backpacks.

The dean of students told CNN that these panels would add "another layer of protection" to students from pre K through 12th grade in the event of an active shooter. Teachers are trained to tell students to already use their backpacks as shields. The inserts cost $120.

There are some that feel that this just adds to the fear of being in schools. Experts claim that a well trained staff and student body is the best defense.

Do you think these bulletproof inserts will help with students' safety and peace of mind?

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