From Nashville to the Capital Region and beyond, Schenectady's David J has been on the country music radar for years, and his latest exciting announcement has him sharing the limelight with country giants like Luke Combs, Luke Bryan, and Eric Chruch.

Each time we highlight a story or an accomplishment from the Schenectady native and Schalmont grad, it comes with a sense of pride; after all, he's one of us.

David, who spends most of his days in Nashville, will be able to stay at home in June when country music's signature event, CMA Fest invades Music City from June 8th-11th.

"The legendary CMA Fest has become the city’s signature Country Music event that hosts tens of thousands of fans from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 39 international countries. It is also the longest-running Country Music festival in the world! In 2022, CMA Fest featured more than 250 acts on 9 official stages – all to benefit music education." CMA Fest

In years past, this may have been an event the young country star would attend as a fan, and this year he'll surely do more of the same.

But this year, David's playing CMA Fest and he shared the exciting news on his Instagram page that he'll be a part of CMA Fest in Nashville on the Maui Jim Reverb Stage.


David shared the exciting news on his Instagram page the other day that he'll be a part of CMA Fest in Nashville on the Maui Jim Reverb Stage.

Not a bad gig for the 19-year-old rising star who was stoked to learn he'll be a part of the legendary lineup which includes headline performers Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, and more.

Chrissy and first I met him when he was like 15 years old after we heard about "some young kid from the Capital Region" who auditioned for NBC's The Voice. David didn't last very long on the show, but I think we all knew when he met him and heard him play, that he was going to be a star with or without a TV show for a launching pad.

Davis is relentless; constantly making, writing, and covering different songs, and posting daily video content all while never turning down a chance to play a gig.

And whenever a country artist comes to town, David finds a way to make real connections with them that go beyond just a quick, polite chat.

He tells us about the bond he's formed with artists like Hardy, Drake White, and Mitchell Tenpenny, who have all stayed in touch with and helped mentor him.

He's had viral videos on his Tik Tok and other social media platforms, as well as originals songs that have been played on commercial radio stations like WGNA and streaming services like iTunes and Spotify.

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