As a Schenectady resident, I was nervous about Rivers Casino coming to the area but it seems with the casino and development of the harbor, businesses have followed. The newest business venture Schenectady is talking about is a brewery scheduled for late 2018.

Frog Alley Brewing is the newest business announced as a brewery and taproom in the newly developed Mill Artisan District of Downtown Schenectady, according to the Times Union. Frog Alley Brewing was named after the Schenectady baseball team that was known for being arrested after playing on a Sunday in 1903.

An announcement will soon be made looking for employees, Frog Alley Brewing is expecting to employ 65 when fully staffed. The owner, J.T. Pollard, owner of Schenectady's Re4orm Architecture, is also known to heading the beautiful Mohawk Harbor development so you know when the brewery is done, it too will be beautiful!

No official opening dates yet but they're projecting for later this year.

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