Two different scamming incidents recently happened.

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One happened on Thursday morning where a person was called by someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, and were told to go to Dollar Tree or Home Depot in East Greenbush and buy a Green Dot cash card, and then mail it to Washington, D.C. to cover the person’s debt. The ‘I.R.S. Official’ told the person that they would call back tomorrow to obtain the Green Dot account information, to make sure that the payment, in the form of the mailed Green Dot card, was on its way to the I.R.S.

Acording to the information in a press release from the East Greenbush Police Department, the scammer would use the Green Dot account information to empty the account, because the actual, physical card isn’t necessary to transact business on it.

Another scamming incident happened last week. A woman from East Greenbush received a call from someone that told her that her husband was involved in an automobile accident, and that he needed money to get out of trouble. As the caller kept trying to get the woman to purchase a Green Dot cash card to help her husband, she ended the call, not falling for the scam.

There are so many scammers that are trying to get money from innocent people. The press release also has a link to contact the Better Business Bureau if you want more information about the current top scams across the country. There’s also full details about Green Dot card scams at

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