If you've ever spent time in Saratoga, you've heard of the Doughboy. It's probably become one of the signature foods of the Capital Region but now, the Doughboy as you know it is going away.

Esperanto has announced with Saratoga Living that the Doughboy we have come to know and love, will be no more. Esperanto has started a completely new campaign to rebrand the Doughboy as the "Oboy."

Their hope is to make the brand bigger here regionally and hopefully, eventually, nationally as well. They already announced a new factory opening in Mechanicville but they're not stopping there. The problem with that is that "Doughboys" are already a thing nationally.  As Saratoga Living says, "“Doughboy” is a popular treat at state and county fairs, a square of fried pizza dough with powdered sugar on top" which is not at all like their cream cheese and chicken deliciousness.

Will it take time for the Capital Region to stop saying "Doughboy?" Sure, there are people who still call the Times Union Center the Pepsi or Clifton Park Center, Clifton Country Mall. I would love Esperanto to be able to share their delicious product with the rest of the nation, no matter what we still call it here.


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